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    • Commodity name: A33
    • 产品编号: Stainless steel hospital bed

    Size: 2030 × nine hundred × 500mm

    1. Fully covered aluminum alloy guardrail (optional); Stainless steel handle; The bed board is formed by one-time stamping of cold-rolled steel plate, which has good anti-skid and air permeability. Loading capacity> 240kg.

    2. The bed frame is welded by 80 * 40 * 1.5 shaped square tube, with advanced welding technology, high welding quality, solid bed body and bearing capacity ≥ 240kg;

    3. Bed surface: 1.2mm cold rolled steel plate. Strip design, easy to breathe and has anti-skid function.

    4. The bed body is electrostatically sprayed with Akzo Nobel imported antibacterial powder, which has the function of environmental protection and antibacterial.

    5. The head and tail of the bed are made of stainless steel Φ thirty-eight × The 1.5mm round tube is made by bending and hanging design, which is easy to disassemble, seamless, stable and reliable. There is a patient information card slot on the outside of the tail plate;

    6. It is equipped with a stainless steel folding handle. The screw rod is made of 45# steel and rolled and extruded by a special wire rolling machine. The wire mouth is smooth and easy to operate. The mother wire is made of nodular iron. The screw rod has a two-way neutral protection device, which is safe and durable.

    7. There is an infusion stand jack on the opposite corner, which can be equipped with an infusion stand.

    8. The bed legs are equipped with foot cover, which is wear-resistant and noise proof.

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    • A33

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