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    • Commodity name: CZ-04A
    • 产品编号: Treatment trolley

    Dimensions and weight

    Work surface: 650*492*991 mm

    Dimensions: 960*590*995 mm

    Dimensions and weight

    Work surface: 650*490*880 mm

    Dimensions: 790*510*935 mm

    Packing size: 840*560*985 mm

    Packing method: carton

    Product net weight: 24kg

    Mobile medical workstation

    1. The main material is made of aviation aluminum and molded parts. The weight of the whole vehicle is extremely light, the movement is light and flexible, the appearance is beautiful and generous, and the structure is strong and durable.

    2. The armrest of the car body is designed according to the ergonomic principle, and the universal silent wheel is installed, so that the car can be truly light and flexible during the implementation process

    3. The tabletop of the car body adopts a guardrail structure with protrusions around it, and the surface is embedded with 304 brushed stainless steel plate, which is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and easy to clean.

    4. The left and right parts of the table are equipped with an auxiliary pull-out board, which can expand the area of ​​the table when used.

    5. The drawer configuration is as follows: the uppermost layer has a small drawer with a net size of 510*295*34 mm, the second layer has a 510*395*82mm drawer, and the third and fourth layers have two 510*395*122 mm drawers. ,

    6. The middle and lower parts of the car body are partitions and bottom plates, and three-sided fences are installed behind them

    The left and right sides of the car body are equipped with four accessory external beams, which are convenient to use

    7. Product accessory configuration is flexible, and external accessories are optional: infusion stand, single-row infusion stand, double-row infusion stand, net basket, hand sanitizer net basket, sharps box, dirt bucket, storage basin.

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    • CZ-04A

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