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    • Commodity name: CY-03
    • 产品编号: Endoscope trolley

    Product description

    Body size without arm: 1350(H) x610(w)x620(D)

    Metal tray size: 503(W) x460(D)

    Net weight: 33kg

    Carton packing size: 1230(L)x630(W)x230(H)

    Contain power socket

    The spacing of the trays can be adjusted

    Suitable for Endoscopic equipment integration, Operating room, equipment integration, computer and hardware integration

    The multifunctional endoscope cart, with a height of

    1.1 meters, 1.25 meters, and 1.35 meters, can be operated by medical staff of different heights; it can hang up to three displays at the same time to work at the same time, respectively on both sides of the column and the top of the trolley The monitor bracket is installed, which is stable, durable and beautiful. This cart can be used as a laparoscopy equipment trolley, hysteroscopy equipment trolley, ENT endoscopy equipment trolley, comprehensive beauty equipment trolley, operating room equipment trolley, etc. It has strong versatility, modular design of the whole vehicle, can increase or decrease the configuration at will, self-adjust the height of the floor, and can be customized, realizing the true meaning of one vehicle for multiple purposes. Different accessories and brackets can be installed according to different soft and hard tube mirrors, and it can be upgraded to a column with a cable trough device, and a heat dissipation backplane can be installed to truly make the medical staff handy. Save more space in the ward. The cart is assembled from high-quality cold-rolled steel and aluminum alloy profiles, and the pure metal material is more heavy and durable. All surfaces are specially treated and sprayed, which are sterile, non-slip, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. Equipped with silent universal medical casters and five-hole power strip, it is more convenient to use and more suitable for human functions.

    Key words:
    • CY-03

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