"Xiao Kunshan Cup" First Pastoral Triathlon


  The most tiring fight is the most brilliant smile. Triathlon, the "hardest" competition in the eyes of many people, has become the "most beautiful" event in Xiaokunshan, Songjiang. This morning, the first pastoral triathlon of the "Xiaokunshan Cup" of the Shanghai Urban Amateur League kicked off in the 10,000-mu grain field in Xiaokunshan Town. Nearly 300 contestants started with the pulp board, accelerated by cycling, and sprinted to complete a physical fitness. An unforgettable journey of challenge and visual delight. Many of the contestants went out with their families and enjoyed it: "It turns out that triathlons can be so fun!" Looking up, the mountains in the distance are full of dais; nodding, the waves are shining; looking sideways, thousands of acres of fertile fields; When it comes to the "Xiao Kunshan Cup", the first thing that many sports enthusiasts think of is the Xiaokunshan parent-child road race, a well-known brand event in Shanghai. Rated as Shanghai A-level event, it is a featured brand IP event of Shanghai Urban Amateur League and Songjiang Sports.



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