FIME 2023 in USA


Miami International Medical equipment Exhibition

Time : 2023/06/21-06/23

The United States Miami International Medical equipment Exhibition was the United States trade show weekly "TradeShowWeeks" as one of the fast developing 50 exhibitions, is the southeast region of the United States, the largest medical equipment and equipment professional exhibition. The exhibition features both regional and international features. In addition to the exhibitors and professional visitors mainly from Florida, the show took advantage of Miami's special geographical location adjacent to the Caribbean Sea to attract a large number of exhibitors and professional visitors from South American countries, because many products are re-exported to Caribbean countries through Miami.


Florida is located in the southeast of the United States, the import and export of medical products is one of the important economic indicators of the state, while the medical product manufacturing is also one of the important industries of the state. The American Medical Equipment Exhibition is also the largest medical equipment and equipment exhibition in the United States. The exhibition has a large scale, many visitors and good exhibition effect. Exhibitors can not only timely understand and grasp the new development of the international medical industry through the exhibition, but also help to get close to various customers, find new sales and technical partners, and develop new business opportunities.




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