Java Technologist/Architect


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1-3 years

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There are many positions, welcome to communicate. Java junior, senior, expert, architect, person in charge and other positions at all levels and various businesses have recruitment needs. The following are some examples:

Java Development Engineer - [User Growth]

Job description

1. Undertake the research and development of key high-concurrency distributed systems, and create a first-class user growth engine, covering user growth, placement optimization, programmatic buying, user sharing and dissemination;

2. Participate in the design of system technical solutions, core code development and system tuning, including high-performance back-end engines, mass data storage and streaming, user data centers, and complex business back-end modules;

3. Participate in various forward-looking projects such as innovation and optimization, special technology research, and new technology introduction.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer or related major, with more than 1 year of experience in large-scale web application development and architecture;

2. Familiar with Linux development environment, proficient in Java and object-oriented design and development;

3. Familiar with the design and development of large-scale distributed, high-concurrency, high-availability systems;

4. Have excellent logical thinking ability, be enthusiastic about solving challenging problems; have strong self-motivation and thirst for knowledge, and be curious about new things;

5. Experience in user growth, user automatic operation, delivery optimization, and programmatic buying experience is preferred;

6. Have used Facebook, Google, Baidu, Tencent and other advertising platforms, and have experience in placement optimization is preferred.



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