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You can choose OL-LED70(Single ceiling mounted type),OL-LED50(Single ceiling mounted type),MOL-LED50(mobile portable type)

  International advanced patent technology,achieve the harmony and unity of illuminance,color temperature and color indication index

 Adopt the most advanced international LED as light source of shadowless lamp, high efficiency layout,the effect of energy saving is superior to other international famous brand in the same illuminance.

 Using two kinds of LED bulb which have similar color temperature, in order to prevent surgeon from dizzy. R9 and R13 are more than 90, conducing to clearly accurately to identify the blood vessel and organization

 Adopting single 1W LED bulb, Lower heat producing,efficient heat dissipation, omproved service life.

 Long service life >60,000hours,Don’t replace the bulb, low maintenance cost, economical

 Unique Double traverse technique

Patent design of two optical system, with high light efficiency, is 2-3 times of ordinary optical system, light spot outline clear, uniform illumination

Patent design of LED layout,Achieve perfect illumination effects with minimum-power

 Perfect cold light effect

     Using new LED cold light source, with lowest ultraviolet and infrared ray in light spectrum , without temperature rising in radiation surface.

 Adopting New Germany balance arm with hanging system

     Universal joint linkage,360degree rotation design, which it is easier and accuracy

 Due to the perfect layout of LED bulbs, the light bulb is as bright as the sunlight without shadow and still keep uniform even parts of light source is sheltered by the shoulder, hands and head of surgeon.

 It cab be customized camera system,Charity:520--700TVL, has a good teaching effect.