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MODEL: YDZ700/500

1. shadowless operating lamps meet the requirements of various surgical operations. It    is an ideal lighting facility for surgical operations.


2.Special heat-isolated radtation filter reduces heat to the minimum level.

3.Imported aluminum sheet squamulose reflector panel are adopted. Average service life of imported lamp receptacle and bulb can reach 1500hours.

4. The imported aluminum reflecting mirror makes light softer and more well-proportioned and increasing or decreasing safety. CPU is adopted for the control, capable of increasing or decreasing and boasting brightness momery.When the main bulb malfunctions, the standy bulb will come into operation within 1/2second. The major and auxiliary bulbs can be replaced easily. The dischargeable handle sheath can be sterilized in steam sterilizer.


Luminance :                    150,000/120,000Lux
Color temperature :            4300K±500K
Spot diameter  :               12 0- 320mm
lllumination depth :           ≥800mm
Light-adjusting mode :         Eight grade dimmer system
Temperature at surgeon’s head :≤2℃
Temperture at surgical field :  ≤8℃
Color indication index :       ≥97%
Working distance:              55-170cm
Vertical adjustment range:     115cm
Power supply :                220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz
Input power :                 220W 
Power of bulb (W) :           24V/150W
Bulb average life :            1000h
Shift of major and stand-by lamps :YES
Lowest height of installation :2900mm
Standard height of installation : 275-310cm